Orgy Sex

It all happens at the hottest cruising spot... Super Real Sex 2

Young guys in the midst of their youth can't get enough as they make love to each other at a hot cruising spot! They shoot their loads over and over again as they continue to search for their next sexual prey.

They are ready to tempt you... they want to be tempted... hunt them out as they hunt you...
There are no rules here in the pleasure zone...let your desires take control!
Hot sex is waiting for you!

These young dudes have been waiting to shoot their load...
They're searching for some older brothers...searching in this cruising space for that special guy to fuck them hard!

If you want to see what real sex is all about, take a peek into the private room!
The smell of sweat and doesn't get hotter than this!

Enter the pleasure zone as you put yourself in the middle of all the action!
Feel the thrill as these gorgeous twinks chase after the object of their desire.
You'll feel as if you're there... experiencing every sensation. Nothing is hotter than Super Real Sex!

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DVD 150 min Set Price 12000 yen