Not only INKOU SERIES, EROTIC SCAN produced fantastic titles!
From the early days of the EROTIC SCAN label comes a complete compilation of the most beefy muscle men you'll ever lay your eyes on!

Discover the mysterious charm that lie hidden beneath their rippling muscles.
Gorgeous bodies that'll get you hot, huge cocks that'll quench your thirst.
Revealing their bodies of perfection for all to see!
When their beautiful bodies start to burn with passion, that's when they change into animals!



Jerking his biggy shaft to shoot his cum all over his bulky chest!

This video reveals one of the hunkiest guys Yuta(24), a real football player with big muscular arms and thighs, jerking his biggy shaft to shoot his cum all over his bulky chest. This video features one duo with a taste of S&M, and 3 glorious show everything solos including rugger man Naoki(21) and a sensitive guy Kei(25) and of course, our dream bait Yuta.


Young well-built hunks reveal his seacret!!

Body beautiful (really!) guys met in a starry room naked and sucking each other's well defined meat and tight ass. Another horny guys have met under a small light making an deep eye contact and get deeper when they became one.
Last sequence is a instructor training his buddy, but wind up the other way, the guy giving the instructor a big something and cumming in his mouth!


Cumming with a dramatic excitement!

Katsuhiro, one of the well known star now, first appeared in this video, being raped by "Magic Hands". You can tell he was apparently innocent at the time but did his best he to be a star. Two handsome yuppies met at the bar, going through the old routine. And wild hunk Yuji, after giving you a nasty look and finally cumming with a dramatic excitement! An Oscar for his intense performance!

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DVD 140 min Set Price 8000 yen