Kenta's Sex Diary

A lethal combination of a cute face and well-built body.
Through numerous sexual encounters, KENTA's desire for sex has intensified. His sex life is bolder and more adventurous than ever before!

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3 days of sensation sex PLUS 2 days of intense pleasure EQUALS 5 days of erotic stimulation.

KENTA's dairy logs include sexual encounters with his teachers as well as his classmates.
His horny cock stays rock hard through any situation he encounters as he continues to search for new experiences.

Naturally he endulges in kissing, sucking and butt-fucking!
This guy wants more than the typical stuff. He engages in a variety of activities including spanking, 3-ways, sucking two cocks at once and having 2 guys cum
on his adorable face at the same time.

Super-popular model from the STYLISH BODY series, RYO, makes a special appearance.
Witness the hot and steamy sex between KENTA and RYO.
KENTA falls head over heels over his beautiful body and skillful technique.