Yasuhiro Wakabayashi's photography

A man is silently watched....by a lone witness
In a momentary dream he is embraced by a searing wind
A photo book by Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, a pioneer in male nude photography in Japan

Wakabayashi Yasuhiro is not only a pioneering Japanese gay photographer but also has presented and produced gay art. Before the 80s the Japanese gay scene didn’t have male nudes as a art form as there were only a few artists moving in that direction and level. Of course there were male nudes presented as pornography. But the gay identity took a circuitous route through some artists who worked in the mainstream.

However, Wakabayashi Yasuhiro did not shrink from being inside the gay scene and being sensitive to the conditions of gays and picking up on this and creating artists. Using only simple nudity and adding sophisticated technique with his own sexuality he opened a new horizon on gay art.

He is a connoiseur of the level of taste but different from that as he learned his photographic technique at university. And through his view of gays he has a strong interest in the gay market which he feels from inside himself..

Having such a double faced approach, Wakabayashi Yasuhiro has moved in the field of photography and started up a gay company and created a new gay magazine. I feel he has trained young gay artists working backstage in a positive and active way.

Also he has made CD-ROMs, fitness videos, and high level pornography. His talent and curiosity are much larger than the framework of his work as a photographer. I don’t know what moves him artistically but talking to him for only a short while I saw that despite his thin body there is great passion deep inside him.

At the end of the 90s the state of the gay art scene is ready. Wakabayashi Yasuhiro’s activity has opened up and expanded beyond my imagination. In this book “A Momentary Dream” he shows gay art beyond the framework of gays and in a gushing representation he knows how to lead it out.
(Fushimi Noriaki, critic and gay writer)

120 pages, all color
2,800 yen